Causes of Constipation and Home Remedies

Causes of Constipation and Home Remedies

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Friends, in today’s time, most people are so busy in their daily routing that they are not able to pay much attention to their food and drink. Many problems arise in our body due to not paying attention to food. Most of the problems occurring in the stomach are related to the stomach. Constipation is one of the main problems associated with the stomach. Let us know about constipation and constipation. Training and domestic treatment.


What is constipation?



Friends, constipation is a condition when there is a disturbance in the digestive system present in our stomach, that is, our digestive system gets disturbed, in this situation, there is a lot of difficulty in passing stools or there is very little stool. Is, the condition of constipation, whatever food we eat are not well digested. Due to which 3-4 times a week you have to go to the toilet. In the condition of constipation, it is very hard to pass stool.

Common symptoms of constipation-


● Having trouble with bowel movements.
● Excessive exertion during bowel movements. 
● Avoid getting stools and feel like going to the   bathroom again and again. 
● Feeling of incomplete bowel movement in the mind. 
● People suffering from constipation do not pass feces every day. 
● Abdominal pain or cramps.

Due to constipation



Friends, according to the kind of food we have in today’s time, constipation can be caused due to many reasons. Come, know some main causes of constipation.


1. Due to colon or rectal blockage-
            Friends, when the colon muscles become infected, due to which there is a lot of water in the body, due to the lack of this water, the stool in our body starts drying up and it is very difficult to pass the stool, which causes constipation in the stomach. The situation arises.


2. Due to no time of defecation-
              People who do not go to the toilet in time can get constipated. Often we are very busy in some important work and then suddenly we get hit by a sharp blow and we forcefully stop the velocity of the platter at that time. Due to this, the stool dries up in our intestines and then later there is a lot of difficulty in passing stools, and the condition of constipation arises.


3.Due to lack of fiber in food-        
        Fiber helps a lot in digestion of food in the intestines. If there is a lack of fiber in the food, the condition of constipation in the stomach arises. People who consume fiber-rich food have very little constipation problem.


4.Due to irregular daily routine-
            People whose daily routine is not fixed, that is, eating, sleeping time, any work that they do every day, they are completely unwell, such people have to face a lot of constipation problem.


5. Due to sleep deprivation –

sleep deprivation

           Friends, we are so busy in our daily work that we work till late at night and then sleep in late, so that we can also set alarms to wake up early in the morning and not be able to sleep as much as our body needs. Due to not being able to sleep completely, it also affects our digestive system and the digestive power becomes weak, which causes constipation in the stomach. Getting sleep is very important.


6. Due to laziness or due to reduced physical   


         Friends, in today’s time, humans have become so advanced that they can do any work without much running or it is said that modern facilities have made a person lazy and wants to get everything without doing physical work. Metabolism worsens and then the problem of constipation begins. Friends, if you have to stay away from the problem of constipation, then you have to keep your body active and give up laziness.


There can be many more reasons for constipation, we have told you about some of the main causes of constipation.

Home remedies for constipation


Friends, in the problem of constipation, we do not know how many medicines from the market, which are not right for our body, these medicines make the body weak and have a bad effect on the body. Friends, today we will give you something easy We will tell you the home remedies for constipation, which will not only relieve you from constipation, but will help you in keeping your body healthy.


1.Take salted lemon water-

salted lemon water
       Lemonade is very beneficial for keeping the digestive system balanced and to relieve constipation. Because citric acid is found in lemon and sodium chloride is found in salt, both are helpful in increasing digestive power and our intestines. Also keep clean. So friends, salted lemon-water is a very useful home remedy in constipation.


👉Salted Lemonade Recipe:
● First boil water. 
●When the water becomes lukewarm, then squeeze two lemon juice into the water. 
● Now add salt according to taste. 
● Mix the lemon and salt mixture well.


👉How to consume salted lemon water:
           Friends, drink this salty lemon-water while sitting comfortably, choking and choking, and after taking it, take a walk for 15-20 minutes so that your pressure will come quickly and defecation will be open. Friends, taking salted lemon-water during constipation during the day is as beneficial for you, but it is more beneficial than taking it in the morning.


2.Treatment of constipation with Triphala powder-

            Friends, Triphala powder gives great relief in constipation. It is made by mixing three fruits called Amla, Harad, Behda. This Triphala powder gives relief from chronic to chronic constipation. Triphala powder is a very old Ayurvedic medicine, it is said that when people used to suffer from constipation in the old times, they used to consume Triphala powder.

Triphala powder


👉Triphala recipe:
● First boil the water. 
● When the water becomes lukewarm, add Triphala powder to it.Dissolve with


👉How to consume Triphala Churna:      
            Drink triphala powder mixed with lukewarm water at night just before bedtime. Consuming it for a few days will relieve constipation.


3. Drink papaya shake-
           Papaya is rich in nutritional elements, it is beneficial for many diseases in the body, it gives the body the ability to fight many diseases. Whether you eat raw or cooked papaya, it will be beneficial for the body in every way. Papaya shake is very beneficial in constipation because its shake helps in cleansing the stomach. Its shake helps soften the stool and get out. Papaya shake helps a lot in digesting food and keeps the digestive system healthy as it contains ingredients called papine.
papaya shake-

👉How to make papaya shake:
  ● Take one or two  bowls of papaya. 
 ● Then put it in the mixie and mix it well with milk   Take it.


👉How to consume papaya shake:   
        Consumption of papaya shake after meals at night and just before bedtime is very beneficial for people suffering from constipation. If we consume it in any way, it is beneficial for our body in every way.


4.Eat coconut oil-
      Coconut oil contains acids that are very helpful in cleansing the stomach, which relieves chronic constipation. Those people who have problems in giving up daily defecation are even more beneficial for them.
coconut oil


👉How to make and consume:
  ● Add half a teaspoon of coconut oil to the daily     lunch, dinner Take it.
 ●Consume coconut oil regularly, its Take an appropriate amount daily or not less.Doing too much can also cause stomach upset.


5.Drink baking soda-

       Baking soda is very beneficial and beneficial in constipation. It reduces the acidity in the stomach, which gives relief in the stomach. It would be better if small children do not take baking soda.

Drink baking soda-


👉Method of making:
 ● Take a glass of water. 
● Add the appropriate amount of baking soda to    the water. 
● Drink baking soda after suffocating.


👉How to consume baking soda:   
         Take baking soda on empty stomach as soon as you wake up in the morning, so that you will feel very good pressure and your stomach will be clear.


Some other remedies to get relief from constipation:
● Take fiber-rich foods. Fiber-rich foods such as     vegetables, Fruits, legumes, grains, etc.
● Wake up in the morning and drink warm water.    
● Eat fibrous grains in food. 
●Exercise regularly at least 20-30 minutes daily.
● Do not consume dairy products.


Friends, these were the causes of constipation and home remedies. Hope this information is very useful, may your life be happy.


👉Note: Friends, if you are having a lot of difficulty in constipation and you have tried all the remedies, then it is very important to seek the advice of a good knowledgeable doctor.


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